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Back To TopHow do I clean my dodger and other canvas accessories?
Keeping your canvas dodger and other canvas accessories clean is important as it will help extend it's usable life. It is very important to be aware of the types of cleaning products you are using and their compatibility with the materials used on your dodger and/or other canvas accessories.

Here are some tips on cleaning and re-treatment of your canvas dodger and accessories:

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Canvas cleaning...
303 Mildew Remover or Mermaid's Canvas Cleaner work great for keeping your canvas clean. We recommend using a SOFT bristle brush and a spray nozzle on your hose to clean the canvas. Be sure to clean the inside of the canvas dodger, including zippers. Even though it may not appear dirty, salt from the air crystallizes on the stainless steel frame, zippers and internal parts of the dodger.

Click to learn more.Re-treating your canvas dodger and accessories...
We recommend that every year you re-treat the canvas with 303 protectant. This will have a big impact on the life expectancy of your new canvas and help in reducing the amount of mildew growth. Re-treating your canvas will add UV stabilizers and water repellency back into the materials. The 303 protectant is great for canvas, stitching, material overlays and reinforcing but NOT good for windows. Avoid overspray onto windows by using a shield to mask the windows. It is important that you pick a warm dry day to re-treat the canvas. Start by thoroughly cleaning the canvas dodger and canvas accessories with 303 canvas cleaner. Let air dry completely before using the protectant, to ensure the protectant will cure properly. After canvas is completely dry spray the entire canvas dodger inside and out with protectant. Remember to avoid getting overspray onto windows.
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Stainless steel cleaning...
Flitz brand stainless steel cleaner/polish works great if a rust-like residue develops on some areas of the stainless steel frame. The rust-like film is due to the lack of rain water rinsing the crystallized salt off. If you can keep the underside of your canvas dodger clean you will greatly reduce the development of this film.
Click to learn more.Zipper cleaning...
Using a soft bristle brush and some soapy water works great for keeping zipper teeth clean. We recommend moving zipper slides up and down the zipper chain periodically to prevent zipper slides from corroding onto chain. Be aware of the types of zipper lubricants available and their composition. Stay away from silicon based lubricants as they may cause premature deterioration. Products like this work great for the short term but not the long term We recommend ZippyCool cleaning and lubricating fluid. IMPORTANT TIP..... Be sure that as you are zipping the overhead bow pockets on your canvas dodger or bimini back together that you assist the zipper by gripping the canvas edge with the palm of your hand and rolling it around frame as you zip. This prevents too much tension from breaking the zipper or stitching.

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Window cleaning...
Be sure to rinse any crystallized salt off of windows prior to using a rag and wiping cleaners onto window surface. Crystallized salt can scratch the windows and cause smearing. We recommend using a microfiber type of rag or a soft diaper/burp type rag to clean windows. Avoid using terry cloth towels or paper towels as these can cause scratching. There are many types of window cleaners available. The type of vinyl or polycarbonate windows you have will determine the type of cleaner you should use. For standard uncoated vinyls and polycarbonate windows we recommend Mermaids brand vinyl window cleaner or Strataglass IMAR vinyl window cleaner. For coated vinyls such as Strataglass we recommend only the IMAR products as they are specially formulated to maintain the coating applied to Strataglass. IMAR also makes a protective polish for Strataglass that leaves a film on the window to help shed water keeping windows cleaner longer while adding more UV protection.

For more information on cleaning tips and guidelines please
go to the "Care and Maintenance" section of our website.

Back To TopDoes Iverson's Design come to my boat to give an estimate?
Because all of our pricing is standardized there is no need for us to come to your boat for an estimate. Simply let us know what canvas dodger design you are interested in and what options you would like and we can give you prices.

Back To TopIs there a road / travel fee associated with Iverson's coming to my boat to do work?
If your boat is located between Olympia and Seattle then there are no travel fee's. We offer discounted pricing and expedited service if you bring your boat to our docks in Olympia Washington. Please call or email to find out how much you can save by bringing your boat to our docks or to find out what travel fee's may apply in regards to the location of your boat.

Back To TopWhy should you cover your canvas dodger windows?
Click to view more sailboats with window covers.Window covers are quintessential in extending the life of your new canvas dodger windows. From day one your windows begin to deteriorate as they are exposed to the elements; UV, industrial fallout, acid rain, bird droppings, etc... Like parking your car in the garage to preserve the shiny paint job, covering your canvas dodger windows will maintain the clarity longer. IMPORTANT- bird droppings left to dry onto windows on a sunny day can permanently etch the windows. There are other various reasons why window covers are useful. When at the dock or on the hook, window covers are a great way to add privacy or shield you from the burning sun. Also, for those early mornings when leaving an anchorage to get underway, window covers put on the night before will eliminate the need to wipe down the dew on windows for visibility.

Back To TopHow long will my canvas dodger last?
This question has so many variables that play into giving an accurate answer. For instance, things such as where your boat is moored (Cabo San Lucas or Seattle), and how well you maintain it, are big factors in determining the life span. Industrial fallout has a substantial impact on the life span of your new canvas dodger. This means cleaning and treatment at more frequent intervals may be necessary. Be aware of types of pollution in your area, cement factories, airports, salt mines etc.. With that said, how well you maintain your canvas dodger is important -- do you retreat canvas at recommended intervals, do you keep canvas clean and free of dirt build up, mildew, algae? IMPORTANT- be aware of types of cleaners you are using and make sure they are compatible with the canvas, windows, stitching, etc.. For tips on care and maintenance please go to this section on our website. So, to answer the question, "How long will my canvas dodger last?". We generally like to say on average around 10 years. We have seen dodgers as young as 6 years old needing to be replaced and dodgers as old as 15 years that finally need to be replaced. Due to all the variables that come into play the answer can be a bit vague.

Back To TopCan Iverson's Design recover my existing dodger frame?
Depending on the design and quality of your current dodger frame we can do recovers. To get a more certain answer to this question an emailed photo of your canvas dodger on your boat will allow us to determine wether or not we can do this. The actual cost difference in a recover over a complete new canvas dodger isn't that great and a complete new dodger gives you the ability to customize the size, height, depth, and angle of windshield.

Back To TopWhat are the steps involved with getting an Iverson's Dodger and/or other canvas products?

Making contact........
Getting an Iverson's Dodger and/or other canvas products made by Iverson's is easy. To start, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our website by reviewing the different canvas dodger designs, options, upgrades, and other canvas products that we offer. If you have questions about our canvas designs or would like to get some pricing, call or email us, and one of our staff will gladly reply and answer any questions you may have. Because all of our canvas dodger designs, options and canvas accessories have standardized pricing, coming out to your boat to give an estimate is not necessary. Some people ask how it is that we can quote pricing without seeing a boat. Unlike many canvas companies that construct canvas for all types of boats, we specialize specifically in canvas dodger designs and enclosures on sailboats. We have been in the business of sailboat dodger design manufacturing for over ten years and have yet to see a boat that we haven't been able to construct a dodger for, or that doesn't fit within our standard pricing schedule.

If, after reviewing our website and talking to one of our staff, you would like to place an order for a canvas dodger or other canvas product, let us know and we will email you the contracts required for booking into our schedule. Once we receive your completed contracts and a deposit* we will then plug your project into our production schedule and notify you of an approximate starting date. We operate on a first come first serve basis so the sooner we receive your completed contracts and deposit the sooner you will be entered into our production schedule. On average we run anywhere between 1 month to 5 month back log depending on the time of year. Generally, once we start your canvas project it takes 1-2 weeks production time.
*A deposit of $500 is required upon booking into our schedule.

Scheduling consultation....
Typically, one of our staff will contact you a week prior to when we will want to begin production of your canvas project. The point of this call is to schedule an appointment with you on your boat for a design consultation and to begin production. Also, we will discuss with you the options, upgrades and canvas accessories you would like added to your project. This enables us to equip our van with the right products to begin production on that scheduled date. Sometimes due to unexpected openings in our schedule we may contact you a day before wanting to begin production to see if you might possibly be available. We understand with such short notice this might not work for your schedule and will find another time that works for you. At times, weather patterns can greatly influence our abilities to give you accurate starting dates, completion dates and consultation/design appointments. Please note that we pride ourselves and are committed to maintaining as accurate of a schedule as possible but sometimes the weather makes this challenging.

Consultation and construction...
Carrying a stainless steel frame to the sailboat. Click to enlarge photo.The day we meet with you on your boat for a design consultation is generally the day we begin production. To help this process go smoother it is helpful if you have already predetermined the options and upgrades as well as any other canvas products you would like added to your project. This allows our road crew to work more efficiently. During this appointment it is your opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas in regards to the canvas dodger and/or other canvas designs. Our road crew will give you advice and make recommendations that will aid in making your new canvas dodger or other canvas project as effective and well designed as possible. Once all the specifications of your project have been discussed and the measurements have been taken, we will begin construction. This happens minutes after meeting with you and begins with the fabrication of your frame on our mobile frame bending system. Then we mount this frame onto your boat and develop a pattern of the canvas dodger. At this point you can truly stand back on the dock and see the design via the template we have created which includes window lines, cut outs for lines, pockets, etc. During this stage we always give our clients the option of staying around the boat as a way of engaging in the design. While this is not required or necessary, for some it helps to assure that they are getting exactly what they want.

After your canvas dodger and/or other canvas accessories have been designed and patterned onto your boat we immediately begin fabrication. You can be assured that the quality of your new canvas products will be next to none. Each step of the fabrication process is performed by people who specialize in that particular area. Our Road Crew specialize in the design and patterning of your project which is then followed by our layout team that prepares your patterns to be handed off to our sewing team who meticulously stitches together your canvas project. If welding is an aspect of your project our welders pride themselves in creating clean welds that don't require grinding and polishing to make them look acceptable. Because all of our staff specialize in certain areas of the process they become exceptionally good at what they do. This results in a final product that is of the highest quality, from stitching to welding to overall design and construction.

The final step in getting your Iverson's canvas dodger and/or other canvas products is installation day. Usually installation of your project occurs within a week to 2 weeks of the initial consultation and production. However, this may vary depending on the scope of the project and consistent days of foul weather. Unless requested, we may or may not notify you of the installation day. There are varying reasons why notification of installation day can be challenging. Mainly the weather plays a big factor in determining when installation may occur. For the most part installation is fairly straight forward and doesn't require any decision making in the process. So, normally we will show up install your project and notify you of its completion via email or phone. Typically the day we install is the day we email you the final invoice.

Back To TopWhy should I add a welded-on back grab rail?
Increase safety aboard your boat with a welded-on back grab rail. This grab rail is welded on to the aft edge of your dodger frame and spans the width of your cockpit. It provides a secure and stable place to grab in the cockpit when in rough waters. Also, the back grab rail protects the aft edge of your canvas dodger from deterioration. When people enter or exit the cockpit they tend to always grab the aft edge of the canvas dodger even if there isn't a grab rail. The problem with this is that over time the repetition of constantly grabbing this edge deteriorates it because of the natural oils of your hands, from the sunscreen, the potato chips, the pressure of someone's weight pushing against the canvas, etc.. If you take a walk down the docks and look at older dodgers with no back grab you will see that this area tends to deteriorate the quickest. Also, from a safety standpoint, being able to wrap your hand around a back grab rail is a more secure grip than clamping your hand onto the aft edge of a canvas dodger.

Back To TopIs there a tool that can help me snap and un-snap the snaps on my dodger and/or other canvas accessories?
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If you are having trouble getting the leverage necessary to fasten snaps we recommend using the SnapMate tool. This tool is very helpful in assisting you with hard to fasten snaps due to cold or frail hands, and/or hard to pull or push areas. Also available to aid in easier snap action, try using E-Z Snap lubricant and waterproofer.
Back To TopContact us if you have any other questions about our products.


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