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When strength matters call Iverson's Design - the industry's leader in fine quality canvas dodgers.
When strength matters call Iverson's Design. The crew at Iverson's have carefully designed our i-Top dodger and bimini system to compliment Beneteau's  Oceanis and Sense model sailboats. The focus during the development process was not only on maintaining the sleek characteristics of  Beneteau through our design but also creating a highly functional canvas
system. Many aftermarket dodger and bimini setups can distract from the overall appearance of these models and be loose fitting with an abundance of wrinkles.   So, why settle for anything less than the distinguished, highly detailed Iverson's i-Top dodger design and bimini system to compliment your Beneteau.  After all you did purchase one of the most sleek and innovative sailboats on the market, why distract from the design by adding a mediocre canvas system.

Marine fabricators please note: The Iverson's I-Top dodger design and bimini system is protected by law and any attempt to replicate or reproduce this design is punishable by law.  Iverson's Design Incorporated will exercise its rights to protect and preserve its proprietary design.

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Sense 46

Oceanis 38

Oceanis 45

Oceanis 37
We offer canvas systems for all Oceanis models and Sense models.
The following are a series of images
showing the features of Iverson's canvas dodgers for Beneteau..
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Aircraft Grade 60 mil. Polycarbonate Windows

These rigid windows have unbelievable clarity and are coated on both sides with a scratch/UV resistant coating, they are like looking through glass. They will not warp or undulate from the suns heat and maintain a solid smooth appearance.
Modular Design

The Iverson's modular design enables you to completely remove all 3 window panels for maximum airflow and ease of future maintenance.

Snap On Protective Window Covers

Add these covers to not only preserve the lifespan of your dodger windows but also for added privacy.

Safety Side Grab Rails

There are never enough places to grab on a sailboat while underway. These grab rails are an added safety feature to your boat.


Non-Obstructive Bimini Frame Design

The Iverson's bimini frame is mounted onto your stern rail to reduce clutter leaving your cockpit completely unobstructed.
Removable Connecting Panel Between Arch and Bimini

Complete removal of the connector panel opens up the cockpit and increases sail trim viewing. Optionally, you can choose to add windows to the connector panel.

Optional Cockpit Enclosure Panel System

A great option for adding year round protection from the elements. Choose from a clear vinyl window panel set or a sunshade mesh panel set or both.
Sunbrella 9.25oz Canvas

Long lasting acrylic fiber that is water resistant, breathable, UV resistant, and fade resistant.
Heavy-Duty 1-1/4" Diameter Stainless Steel Frame Structure

Significantly increases structural integrity compared to the usual 1" diameter frames.
Color Coordinated Design

Choose from a wide array of color combinations to personalize your canvas system.

Sleek Aerodynamic Form

Thoughtfully designed to reduce windage and be aesthetically pleasing.

By comparison, the new I-top frame design enables an increased window area from that of the traditional Iverson's canvas dodger design. As demonstrated in this diagram the shaded blue area depicts the window area of the I-top as it's overlayed on the window area of the traditional design. The end result is more of a wrap around window with 25% more viewing area.


Check out our interactive Build-A-Dodger Frame!
A tool that helps you conceptualize how you can equip your new dodger frame. We offer many options to help equip your canvas dodger for offshore use. With a few simple measurements we can fabricate a quality Iverson's dodger frame equipped with our optional grab rail sets and ship it directly to you. A great option for those of you located outside of our coverage area.


Check out our interactive Build-A-Dodger Canvas color combinations tool!
A tool that helps you conceptualize a color scheme for your new canvas dodger. We offer a large variety of color choices in acrylic canvas, binding, and chafe gear. Have fun! For a complete list of colors take a look at the canvas color chart.


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