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We appreciate feedback from clients on our products and services. It is reassuring to know that we are helping to enhance the boating experience.

Below are a few comments sent to us by our customers.

I just need to say that the only thing missing when our Iverson's Design iTop was installed was a stack of cards to give everyone who admired our dodger! And I mean everywhere. All down the Pacific coast -- at the best Yacht Clubs: Marina del Ray and San Diego. Now here in La Paz the first comment we hear is "that is a nice dodger"

Heidi Ann Kotas

Hey, Angela.

Happy New Year to you & your stellar crew. Thought I'd send along some before, during & after shots of the Zen project. Kyle & Mike were awesome to work with, extremely courteous, friendly, professional and obviously very skilled! Can't believe how they hung in during the at patterning process despite 30 degree weather & total darkness. They were amazing! I'm delighted with the finished project! Super job! Many thanks to you all!

This customer could not resist testing the strength of his new Iverson's i-Top dodger.


We just had Kyle and Mike out tonight for our install and last week for our initial meeting and we are still trying to recover from how blown away we are with how awesome these guys and Iverson’s were about the whole process! We are SO happy with how our dodger and bimini turned out and we really enjoyed meeting Kyle and Mike. Our boat has been transformed by this process, and it is clear to us that the Iverson’s crew has their sh$t dialed! We took lot’s of pictures of the process and links to those pics are attached. Feel free to use them for your website or just to share with your amazing crew. Recommendations for y’all are already soaring around the docks here at Shilshole (though, everyone here is already aware of the fact that your work is the most bada$$). THANK YOU! We are greatly appreciative!

Mark & Molly Welsh

I've been cruising for 4 years now and your dodger and bimini are the best. Several years before I left I put you're product on the boat because it was the best looking in the marina. Turns out that it is pretty and tough, a rare combination. I've been through a few storms at sea and a class 4 cyclone in Fiji. Many boats were damaged including dodgers and biminis. We were forecasted to see 35 mph so I left the canvas up and the solar panels on the bimini too. Turns out we saw 110 mph in the marina. Your product came through perfectly!
S/V Island Bound
Fiji Islands

"After several years of getting poor to mediocre quality work from the local canvas shops in south Florida I decided to contact Jason at Iverson's Design and see if he'd want to come here and do the canvas work on my boat.  He agreed and after two trips to Miami the boat has a great new dodger and bimini.  Jason's quality design and finished product  is a hundred times better than anything I'd ever get locally.  I would recommend calling Iverson's to do you canvas no matter where your boat is.  Aside from air conditioning, Jason's canvas work is the best addition i've made to the boat since I've had it."

Dear Iverson's,
We have never been more pleased with any boat project as we are with the new dodger you did for us. As you know Peter and I are both artists with trained eyes for detail, on top of being crazy type A personalities and somewhat perfectionists. We are incredibly impressed with your work, work ethics, timeliness, business practices; not to mention your friendly and easy going personality. We have had so many comments about how amazing it looks. Everyone is very impressed with the obvious attention to detail on every aspect, and truly beautiful craftsmanship. They want to know who did it! I had someone tell me today that it look great but that I was in trouble because now the cockpit area didn’t match and I was going to have to do it next. Yes, I told him, the dodger looks like a sporty new car and the cockpit enclosure looks like and old clanky pick up truck. :) 

Angela,   All we can say is WOW!!! Kyle and Mike were most professional in their approach and work. We did present a few rather unique issues that they seem to overcome with relative ease. On Thursday when the whole thing went together again, we were very impressed with the work they did, the quality of the materiel used and the speed that it took to put it all together!  Payment has been sent to your center early today via snail mail.  Thank you for a wonderful experience, we were told by a boat broker that we now have the "Ferrari" of sail boat dodgers! We gave it a test on the way back to Point Roberts, what a treat!  We will send pictures of Solastra when conditions are better than what they were in Shilshole.
Again, thank you,
Dean & Lynn Ducharme
S/V Solastra.


it was a pleasure to meet you and watch your artistry come to life earlier this week.  The dodger that you designed and installed met our expectations in every way; tight, clean and wrinkle free. The dodger that you installed on another Oceanis 45 in Seattle made an impression on us from the moment we walked down the dock.We realized then, that a dodger made by someone else wouldn't compare. Thank you for offering to do an East coast install. Additionally, the Makrolon window recommendation was well worth it. It is like looking through glass.

Best regards,
Jeff & Nancy Welch
Aboard S/V EXILE 




Jason, Angela, & Kyle

Thought you might be interested in this. It is 25 degrees, 20+ knots of wind, and I am enjoying the comfort of sailing with my new Dodger!  

Thank You,

Craig Gifford
S/V Ballad


Director / actor / producer John Singleton totally digs his new Iverson's i-Top dodger and is sporting his "Iverson's Kool Kids" shirt.   It was a pleasure working with John.

Picture Perfect

When we needed to recover our old dodger in 2004 we shopped around and got several quotes and in the end we went with Jason Iverson because he wan't just going to put a new cover on -- he wanted to do a new, sturdier frame. We were so impressed with the dodger he built for us that time, we were thrilled to learn that he had now expanded his business to work outside of Washington and he'd be able to re-cover our dodger for us here in San Francisco Bay! So after 9 years, 20,000 plus miles, crashing waves and tropical sun it was time to replace the fabric even though we were still getting compliments on what a nice dodger we had. Well, Iverson's Design once again surpassed our expectations and when Jason and Mike installed our brand new dodger yesterday we couldn't have been happier! He was able to adjust our old frame to fit his new iTop design that allows the window panels to zip away from the top cover -- a great innovative design allowing for easy stowage if you leave your boat somewhere and need to remove the dodger, easy repairs if something happens to a window, and more ventilation options depending on your climate situation. So Cetus is all dressed up again -- and looking better than ever in her classy new Iverson's Design iTop!

"Jason, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Dodger and Bimini you installed on our new Tartan 4300. The design of each is amazing, as they follow the lines of our boat rather than looking like an afterthought as would have been the result if I had gone with other canvas makers' products. I have had many people, including strangers walking down the dock, comment to me how impressed they are with our canvas that you made and installed. Everyone wants to know who made the Dodger and the Bimini. The integrity of the materials is exceptional and your workmanship is outstanding. There are no canvas makers in the Great Lakes region who can match the quality of your product. The quality of your service is also top notch. I was frustrated by the canvas makers in Michigan because I could not get them interested in taking on our project in Northern Michigan. I know this project was a challenge for you and presented risk given the distance from the west coast to our Lake Michigan mooring. Nevertheless, you dealt with the challenges positively and exceedingly well. I was pleased with your approach to taking measurements and completing patterning on a Tartan 4300 moored at Marina Del Rey which made the project doable from a cost perspective. Also, thanks for completing the project by the delivery date you promised!! I will certainly recommend you to others, and thanks again for taking on our project so far away from your home base."
-- Bruce

"So, I've had this boat going on 11 years now, and this is the first time I've actually decided to put a dodger on it. That was because I couldn't find a dodger that actually fit with the boat. Something that I didn't think would detract from the boat overall. And then last year I went to the Pacific Sail Show down here, and ran into Iversons, and saw a yellow dodger just a little like this one, that I fell in love with. I told the people there that this was going to be the dodger I'm going to put on this boat. And a little less than a year later it's here! I've worked with Jason and Mike, and they couldn't have made the process easier for me. I just couldn't be happier with this thing, I'm very proud of it. I can't say enough about the profesionalism of Iversons and the work that they did. They're great people! Thank you Iversons!"
-- James

"Hey Jason... We are in Fiji. Your canvas is still doing a great job. We went thru cyclone Evan with out a problem. The forecast was for 35 mph a day before. Then 12 hours before they said 50 mph. Then a few hours before the first wind they said 65+ which turned out to be 110+. The eye passed over a island 6 miles away with 160. Boats are med tied to the sea wall here. They were grinding the gell coat off their neighbors. The stanchions were bending. Sails were unfurling and shredding. And dodger windows were blowing out. Well your product was untouched. The canvas was fine. The solar panels stayed where the were supposed to be on the Bimini, which couldn't be said for a few others which decided to take unscheduled trips."
-- Bill

"This has been a great project from start to finish! We're pretty experienced boat owners and sailors, and we've done this before, and this far and away blows away our previous experiences we've had with this type of project. From scheduling and communication and the quality of the work and the install, everything has been entirely fantastic. We're really pleased. Thank you Iversons!"
-- Greg

"Kyle and Mike, I knew Van Markos for 196 days before he died of cancer. From 1972 until 1979 he designed and built this boat. He sailed with his wife and family in the Carribean for 15 years, on this boat. As you can see he was very particular about what was built and how it was done. I believe he would be as pleased as I am with the care and craftsmanship that you two have brought to this project. Thank you for the detail and care that you brought us both."
-- Keith

"Here's our gorgeous new dodger that Jason and Mike did an awsome job on. We looked around the San Francisco Bay area quite a bit for folks that made dodgers, and they all seemed to look alike. Then we stumbled upon Iverson's webpage and we absolutely loved the design, and loved how they used the lines of the boat as they designed the dodger. We think it flows really nicely with all the curves on the boat, and we totally love it!"
-- Stacey and Roxy

"I want to thank Iversons, Jason and Mike for doing an absolutely unbelievable job with the installation of this dodger and bimini on this 43' Landfall CNC, in fact it's an 1983 boat. This was a tough job, they had to design it, and come up with an aspect ratio, and everything worked out properly for the boat. Let me tell you, it turned out really nice! This is really one of the hottest Dodgers and Bimini on the dock! Everybody just keeps looking at it ask asking 'who made it? More importantly they hit the price-point I was looking for. Thank you Iversons!"
-- David

"Angela, Please tell Jason that Kyle and Mike and all the others who worked on the project for my boat did an INCREDIBLE job. The dodger looks fantastic. I didn't realize how much you could improve on the first dodger that was installed 7+ years ago. Very-very happy and looking forward to doing a little sailing over the weekend. I am actually looking forward to a little rain now so that the new dodger can keep me dry."
-- Greg

"We wanted to say thanks for this fabulous dodger, we're offshore destined, and wanted to have something strong and something that could really withhold us grabbing onto it, as well as the weather and conditions and something that going to last us a long time. We've had our boat almost 15 years, and we've invested heavily in our boat. We were going to do this ourselves, we have canvas work experience, but there's NO WAY! After looking at the boatshow and looking other boats around this marina, and many other marinas, the work that Iverson's done on other boats has been fabulous! We just knew that we couldn't do the detail work and heavy duty work -- the quality is just amazing! We want to be able to take something offshore that's going to last us a long time. I was joking with Heather, that the whole process with Iverson's was "seamless" - it really was! The details are wonderful, the scheduling was right-on, and they just cranked it out and did a great job! It's a work of art - we couldn't have done this kind of work. Our serious point was actually getting around our traveler, and that was the biggest thing. And its a beautiful setup - everything looks so nice, it doesn't look like there's any kind of "work-around issue," it just looks like it works really well - the details are spot on! Thank you Iverson's!"
-- Loui and Heather

"Hi there, my name is Captain Mike, my boat is berthed in Tiburon California. I was lucky enough to find Jason and Iverson's Design to put a special dodger on my boat. I looked all over the Bay Area, couldn't find anything I liked that even compared to Jason's, and I asked him if he could recommend anyone, and he said "Yea, me!" So... long story short, a couple of trips [for Jason] to the Bay Area and I have probably the nicest dodger floating around San Francisco Bay. This baby's gonna do the Pac-Cup in July, we'll be warm, dry, and flashin' our design!"
-- Captain Mike

"I'm Jerry Castro, here in Sausalito California, at the Sausalito Yacht Harbor, with my Hunter 310. Just had Jason put on a beautiful Iverson's Dodger. I'm totally stoked! It's a beautiful piece of work! When I saw the website and the wonderful work that was on there and I knew I had to have an Iverson's Dodger. He came down lickety-split and did absolutely beautiful work. I'm so, so happy with his dodger. I guarantee you'll be happy too!"
-- Jerry

"Jason and Team,
Yesterday it was my pleasure to have Kyle on my Ericson 38 to start the build process of making out new dodger. What a pleasant experience Kyle took the time to explain in detail the process and options of constructing the new dodger for our boat and was very helpful in my picking the best color combination as well as helping to overcome some of the inherent problems present in the old dodger. Kyle represents the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. Having spent time with you on the phone and Kyle on the boat, I can see that we made the best choice in selecting Iverson's to replace our dodger and other canvas products. Thanks!"
-- Bob

Dear Jason:

I thought you'd like to hear how the dodger you fabricated for us held up during a storm with 50 mph winds and 25 foot seas off the coast of Oregon this past September.

Recall you created the sunbrella and plastic sides to the hard dodger that Pacific Seacraft built. You also built our bimini and the piece that connects the dodger to the bimini. We had the dodger and bimini up during the storm, but not the connecting piece.

On our cruise from Grays Harbor to San Francisco we were overtaken by a storm near Depot Bay Oregon. The storm originated in Gulf of Alaska and was travelling at 26 knots down the coast, we thought we'd be able to out run it but unfortunately that didn't happen. For 3-days winds over 45 mph blew and seas over 25 feet created dangerous conditions. We took water over the side and stern many times. We were surfing down waves and hit 16.5 knots at one point. The hanks on the staysail began to break and finally we had to take it down and motor through the last day of the storm. The cockpit was flooded at least 4 times. One particularly big wave slammed into the side of the dodger so hard the sound was almost deafening. But through it all, not even one snap came undone on the dodger.

Needless to say we are very pleased with our Iverson's dodger, and just thought you should know that your fabrication can stand up to heavy weather.

-- Best regards, Craig

Dear Jason:

I have delayed months in writing in this letter because I know I can’t make it short enough! In case you haven’t time today to read its entirety, let me just cut right to the chase here and say… our new Hylas 46, s/v Mersoleil, has the most beautiful and functional dodger on the planet earth. We are completely delighted with it and working with you has been a great pleasure.

Now, to expand a bit on why we feel that way.

High on the agenda for our visit to the Annapolis Sailboat Show in 2008 was “look at dodger designs and identify the things we like about handsome dodgers.” We came home greatly disheartened with 160 photos captioned “Don’t do THIS” and not a single winner. At the next Seattle boat show we quickly identified Iverson dodgers as smart, tight as a drum, beautifully crafted examples of what we wanted for our own vessel.

When you and I met the first time it was immediately evident that you appreciated our wishes to provide cover without the dreaded pilothouse look, to add a graceful dodger that flows compatibly with the sleek lines of the boat, to place sturdy grab rails at strategic locations for safety on the high seas. As a designer, myself, I felt sure we could hand over our list of parameters and sit back in confidence that the finished product would exceed our expectations for style, quality and functionality.

Of course, we were delighted with the result! The finished dodger actually enhances the elegant lines of the boat, far exceeding our hope that we could cover the cockpit without destroying her beauty.

And we’re not alone in our opinion. Read on for reviews by others who have seen and admired your work on Mersoleil…

We sailed Mersoleil to Oakland in April where she starred in the 2010 Strictly Sail Pacific show. Kyle Jachney, owner of Hylas Yachts, hadn’t seen the boat since she was commissioned last December. When Kyle arrived at Jack London Square Marina I was eager for him to board Mersoleil and see our lovely interiors. Instead Kyle stood speechless on the dock for the longest while. Finally, this, from one of the best yacht builders in the business: “That’s a great dodger. Gee. That’s really a beautiful dodger. Who built this for you? This is really a gorgeous dodger! We’ve been looking for someone who can build dodgers for us on the West Coast. Who did this work?”

Throughout the show the response to your canvas work was incredible, Jason. Literally dozens of people noted your name in hopes that you’ll travel to California or Florida or elsewhere to work on their vessels.

Delivering the boat to that show was no small feat. The North Pacific in early April dishes out quite a ride! Twenty foot seas and gale force winds carried us along at such an amazing clip that we sailed the 1000 or so miles from Seattle to San Francisco in 5 ½ days. Under staysail alone Mersoleil surfed at 16.9kts in 49kt winds. She took a knockdown, too, from a wave over the side that filled the cockpit, tore at the canvas, threw me out of my berth and disgorged the contents of the galley lockers onto the floor. The dodger? Our Iverson dodger arrived in Oakland with every single stitch in place looking as perfect as the day it was installed. Every zipper, every snap held fast. Every panel, every window remained smooth, tight and silent in the high winds. Our dodger loved the ride and was ready for more!

Thank you, Jason, for your thoughtful design and prompt delivery, your sunny personality and your outstanding craftsmanship.

- Bev

Just wanted you to know that many, many times already on this trip we've thanked God and Jason for the cockpit enclosure! The nasty crossing of the straights, the hailstorm... and I'm sure we'll thank him many more times to come! Having a great time! Thanks again!

- Susan & Steve

We knew we would be really happy with your work, but honestly, you far exceeded all of our expectations! We are thrilled not only with the aesthetics but the quality of the workmanship and the functionality of the full enclosure! We were out on the water a few days ago for the first time since you finished the job and had someone yell out to us that they loved our canvas and they guessed it was your work because it is so beautiful. I said yes, it is an Iverson’s and they said – "he’s the best" -- we completely agree!

From start to finish, you went out of your way to ensure we had exactly what we wanted and then some. You are a true artist and professional and it’s been a pleasure working with you.

- John and Cheryl

Thank you so much! We've been out and we loved it! Great visibility, secure hand holds and easier to get down the sides. It's beautiful too!

- Jeannine & Glen

Just wanted to let you know that we've been out sailing since you installed the dodger, and are loving it. Again, it is a very high quality product and design. Thanks for all the attention to detail!

- Del and John

Thank you for building such a nice doger and full enclosure for us. We were very happy that you managed to fit us into your tight buget of time. Everyplace we go somebody will ask about our dodger and ask who did the work. We are very happy to tell them to "Go see Jason Iverson of Iverson Design" if you want the best.
Thank you!

- Bill and Sue

I know this note is long overdue, however I wanted to pass along my experience with our new dodger, bimini and enclosure.

What can I say? It is a work of art! Follows the lines of the boat beautifully. Everyone at the marina and club who have seen it have made similar comments. Even the naysayers who initially believed the enclosure would take away from the functionality and experience have come back to express their surprise at the final product. The comments on the rigidity and quality have come from all sides. Fully functional for sailing as we found out on our first cruise finally last week.

Amazingly, the enclosure makes the cockpit feel larger. The illusion is something else and has to be experienced. Jason, I hope you post the pics I sent on your site as it really shows off your skills. I hope to get some under sail to send you in future.

Since I first saw the enclosure on your boat, I new I had to have it on mine. Perfect for NW cruising!

It is a pleasure doing business with you. I highly recommend Iverson Design.

- Vince and Louise

You guys are not only very professional but fun to be around. Sorry to be getting back to you so late but Suzy and I have been really busy. Checked out the Maintenance Manual and downloaded.... all good tips. We bought some "Mermaid" but will look for the IMAR products.

Canvas fits really snug and snaps are getting easier to work. So many compliments on the design and quality. Was even approached on the "hook" at Succia Is. by a sailor who wanted to know who you guys were and I accommodated, of course. Great product and am looking forward to the spring when I can start heading north.

- Jim

"Just wanted to pass on greetings – and another thank you for an excellent product in our dodger and enclosure. This is our second winter in Alaska and the cockpit enclosure and dodger has stood up very well, even with some high snow loads and wind gusts of over 80 mph! We’re presently moored in Dutch Harbor , on the Aleutian Chain, and expect to be sailing again by June, probably retracing our path back to the east towards Prince William Sound and across the Gulf. Hope business is booming, and keep making those great looking dodgers! "

- Clarence, Theresa, Samuel, and Evangeline

Just wanted to let you know how we are enjoying our dodger, bimini, and covers. Our trip back up the coast in December was amazing. It was sunny and cold, but we sat in the comfort of our “sun porch.” It was a wonderful cruise in shirt sleeves. When we sail, we roll up the sides and attach a Velcro band around the roll.

Our neighbors at the marina and everyone who sees the complete cover is amazed. Needless to say, we recommend you to everyone. Thank you for your incredible workmanship. It was such a rewarding experience for us in working with you to find the best solution for our boat and our needs. We are now able to add a few more months to our sailing fun. Thanks so much!
- Dianne and Terry

My dodger was made by Iverson Design. He was recommended by a friend who had done lot's of ocean cruising so I knew his dodger would be very durable. I remember the first time I walked down the dock and saw Cupcake sporting her new dodger. I thought to myself "Cupcake, you look hot!" Downright sexiest Catalina ever made. Jason was perfection to work with. He came, he measured, he implemented his design and everything has worked perfectly ever since. He uses the best materials.

I think of him when the winds are big and I'm grabbing on to the hand rails and at night when I used the little flash light he tucked into the fabric. Well, I think of him every time I look at the boat because it's the prettiest dodger on the dock.

- Bonnie

If there is anyone out there looking to install a dodger, please look no further !! You want to go directly to Iverson's Designs. We recently had an Iverson's dodger put on our boat, and the craftsmanship, quality of work, functionality, and expert artistry of design could NOT be better ! Not only is the dodger a work of art, it reflects upon Jason's character , his work ethic, the quality of product he delivers, and lastly, his integrity. We recommend Iverson's Designs in the highest degree ! (Don't forget to ask him about the "D " ring......a fun touch !!)

- Sue and Jon

"We absolutely love the cockpit enclosure you made for our Valiant 40. Through rain, hail, winds and even snow, we stayed warm and dry! It was like having another room with solar heat on the boat. But in addition to being comfortable in the unseasonably cold spring, we are very pleased with your superb workmanship, design, service and energy. We could not be more pleased and highly recommend your services. Thank you!!"

- Bob and Linda

"I just wanted to express my personal thanks for the phenomenal job you did on our full enclosure. While we were hoping to be more comfortable while sailing in the NW, the addition of the full enclosure to the dodger we had built by you two years ago far surpassed our most optimistic expectations. With the new enclosure in place we left the Seattle area to sail back to the Olympic Peninsula in rainy forty degree weather with a 22 knot head wind. We felt warm, safe and secure at all times in the cockpit surrounded by the enclosure. We appreciate the time you spent coming up with an enclosure design that is both functional, and complimentary to the lines of our boat. I feel that the enclosure only enhances the beauty of our sailboat and finishes off her appearance. Looking over the dodger on our return trip with my wife we were thoroughly impressed with the design and thought that went into having to work around some of the obstacles that our sailboat presented. Your level of skill and experience enables you to trouble shoot possible problems in the design of the enclosure, and truly produce a thing of beauty. You are a craftsman, and the fit and finish of your products show it. Your dodgers and enclosures stand out in any marina, and we are truly thrilled with our enclosure. We hope to see you on the water."
- John & Cindy

"The enclosure you fabricated and installed looks and performs well beyond our expectations. I also want to thank you for your remarkable efforts to complete the job in time for the boat delivery. We really do appreciate those efforts and your workmanship. We know we will be enjoying our boat well into the winter and again very early in the spring for many years to come. It was a pleasure working with you and I would highly recommend your services to anyone considering a dodger, sun shade or enclosure for their boat. Your attention to detail and eye for aesthetics stands out."
- Bruce

"Our new Iverson's Design dodger and cockpit cover are a perfect compliment to the lines of our Nonsuch 30 and look like they were part of the original boat concept. After talking to a number of sailors and suppliers, we chose Iverson's for three reasons, (1) design innovation; (2) construction quality; and (3) value. Your work has exceeded our expectations on all counts. Not only was everything well thought out but your execution was timely and flawless. It is no wonder you are so busy. Thanks again for squeezing us into your schedule. As a structural engineer, I appreciate the balance you have achieved between elegance and strength. The dodger is heavily reinforced where it needs to be yet light in appearance and exceptionally functional. The built in pockets and flashlight were also a nice touch. Thank you again for customizing the cockpit cover to meet our needs and for the personal attention you gave us. We look forward to many years of use and comfortable protection. Your reputation as the best dodger builder in the Pacific NW is well deserved."
- Gordon

"Ted and I thank you for the outstandingly professional job you did making our sailboat dodger. It is very obvious that you take great pride in your workmanship, and it was a sincere pleasure working with you."
- Terry and Ted

"We are so pleased with the quality and workmanship, but most importantly, we really appreciate your promptness in getting it on. We were completely willing to wait, knowing we had made the right choice in an Iverson's dodger, so this was really special."
- Jack and Marcie

"The dodger and bimini are just beautiful. It feels like a comfortable room under them and that is what we wanted. Great job! We will only use the products you've provided to take care of them. Thanks for the extra effort!"
- Alan

"Thank you for the beautiful work and design! Don and I are thrilled! Also, I greatly appreciated the little light getting on in the dark last night. Nice touch!"
- Kathleen and Don

"The dodger is a piece of art! I expect to to see Reposado as the centerfold in Sailing magazine with her new Iverson's dodger!"

- Bob

"The dodger and bimini are beautiful! Even better than I imagined. It was worth the wait!"

- Shirley

"We are thrilled with the dodger! The sturdy design and meticulous sewing make for a very impressive product. We will enjoy raving about you, your company, and our dodger."

- Kathy and Larry

"We chose Iverson Designs because of the sturdy and elegant design and stitching. We were impressed with the quality and attention to detail. We met Jason at the Seattle boat show several years ago and were interested to hear that he is an industrial designer like Craig. Knowing that, and seeing some great examples of his work, we decided that when we got our next boat, we'd have him create and install the dodger. We just took delivery of our new Beneteau in our home town of San Francisco, and sailed "up hill" to Oregon without a dodger, unprotected through all the waves and head winds, enduring the elements in great anticipation of having the best possible dodger. We were so pleased that he was willing to extend his radius a bit and meet us in Astoria Oregon. The results are awesome and we are very happy with our new dodger. Thanks to Jason and his team for a great design and great work."

- Sherry and Craig

"Mary and I are in the first week of our summer cruise and we love our new enclosure. It was raining in the San Juans this morning, but we were snug as bugs! We appreciate your fine workmanship!"

- Phil & Mary

"I wish you folks were in Long Beach, California. Needing a dodger for a 43' Young Sun, Center Cockpit Cutter Sloop and I love your work."

- Scott

"This is Tim in Seattle. We went out sailing today and the dodger is magnificent. I really appreciate your skill and attention to detail. Really a beautiful dodger and wheel cover. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needed this kind of work for their boat. Should I ever need this kind of work again, I will be back."
- Many many thanks, Tim

"We met at the Boat Show in Seattle last month where, I think you had spoken with so many people that you were looking forward to an end to the constant flow of people that day, but you were able to impress my wife and I with your enthusiasm and honesty. We talked about our inability to find any producer of quality Dodgers in the Vancouver BC area. You were telling us that we should book an install date ASAP. We were concerned about how we would get our boat down to Bellingham for an extended period to do the Install. We were so impressed with you and your product that we will just have to make it happen at your next available date.

Could you let us know ASAP what your availability is for designing and installing a new dodger for our 37’, 1989 Hunter Legend, and what you need to secure an appointment date."

- Mike & Marty

"After six years of cruising the South Pacific, our dodger needed to be replaced. Offshore sailors know that compromising on quality is not a prudent strategy when outfitting for blue water adventures. We also wanted a dodger that would compliment, even enhance, the lines of our Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34. When we encountered Jason Iverson with his model dodger at the Seattle boat show, we immediately recognized the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that we were seeking. Our new dodger will not only provide protection from the elements; it is truly a work of art."

- Jim and Lynn

"I recently saw one of your dodgers on a visiting boat here in Marina del Rey, CA. I was very impressed by both your design and the workmanship. I don't expect that it is possible for you to make a dodger for a boat that isn't in your local area but I thought I'd ask. By boat is a Norseman 400 Sloop and is in need of a new dodger. I haven't seen anything even close to your work and would love to have one of your dodgers.Is there any way to do business long distance?"

- Scott

"We just spent a week on "Chinook", a Beneteau 373 based at San Juan Sailing in Bellingham. I am compelled to write and express our amazement at the quality of your dodger/bimini work. Aside from the chart, flashlight, and general built in pockets, we really liked the removable bimini section in the middle. Also, the dodger swivel snaps on the coach roof were very "beefy" and set about every 3 inches. This helped keep our navigation tools from sliding out under the dodger. You do very quality work."

- Gary

"We spent a week on "Chinook" after taking delivery of her in Seattle. The weather was harsh, winds were high, and our dodger and bimini withstood it all! Your addition of chartpockets on the dodger proved very useful for keeping charts out of the way when not in use, but close at hand when we needed them. Almost every person who boarded "Chinook" commented on the high quality and craftsmanship of your work. Thanks so much. You were a pleasure to work with, and we'll be back for additions!"

- Dennis, Meggan, and Erin

"I have seen your excellent and beautiful work and would very much appreciate the opportunity to have you build a dodger, bimini, sail cover, wheel cover etc for my Beneteau First 405. I'm cruising my boat south in mid September and would like the installation to be complete hopefully at the end of August. I know you are very busy but I can't accept compromising once I inspected the aesthetically pleasing and robust design."

- Dave

"I just wanted to take the time to say bravo to you. I am a fellow fabricator on the East coast. I stumbled onto your web site and let me just say that I am encouraged by your designs. I like it all, the quality of work, the business logo, and the web site. Top notch all the way. Actually I was looking at some older issues of the Marine Fabricator and I saw a picture in the 2004 IAA gallery and decided to check you out on the internet. Well, just wanted to say that it is refreshing to see things done right."

- Rick

"I just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC addition your dodger is to "Silent Partner." It has added a new degree of comfort and safety previously unknown while sailing through these cold waters. We are deeply thankful for the dodger every day. Sometimes we stick our faces out from behind it to remind us of what we had to endure before. You know when you stick your head out of a car window and it is hard to breathe in? That is what it was like. I'll put together a dodger pictorial for you, maybe a shot of a glacier calving behind it!!"

- Peter

"We are so thrilled with your work. You are a real craftsman and I enjoyed watching you work. We get compliments on our dodger every time we are anywhere and have given your name to many of our friends. It is truly a pleasure to recommend you and your work."

- Sue

"I saw many of your dodgers at the Seattle boat show, I was completely impressed with the quality of workmanship and the materials you use. When we get our boat we will get a Iverson's dodger for it. Your dodgers have a big effect on the appearance of a boat, changing it from a good looking boat to a great looking boat"

- Dale

"I've taken the new boat out twice, renewing my sailing skills (after a nine year absence) with family and friends. The boat sails like a dream! The frosting on the cake is your dodger. It not only enhances the lines of the boat but is a work of art in its own right. The workmanship is outstanding and the stainless grab rails add a safety factor for moving about the deck and cockpit that adds to everyone's confidence.

Every dock neighbor has commented on the beauty of the dodger when they welcomed me to the "neighborhood".

Working with you on the design and custom fitting of the dodger was really enjoyable and added immeasurably to the process of buying and commissioning a new boat.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful addition."

- Robert

"Jason Iverson installed the dodger on our boat today. The guy is an artist! The workmanship is superb! Unlike a lot of independent contractors out there, Jason always returns calls, shows up at the appointed time and is very detail oriented. I gave him some parameters to follow and, most important told him that I wanted the dodger to look like it belonged on the boat rather than an afterthought, like most dodgers. He delivered exactly what we wanted. The dodger looks great! Without hesitation, I'd recommend Jason. His work is top quality and looks great on the boat! (...no, my testimonial did not get me any discount...)"

- Tom and Jan

"It's perfect, enhances the boat profile, and proves to be totally easy to live with. We have been on the boat several times, and out sailing as well. It is so light coming up the companionway that I don't eve know there is a dodger there until I am in the cockpit. And the hand holds are in the right places. You counseled us well. You are the man to make our bimini!"

- Reliance

"Thanks so much! The dodger is incredible. You certainly are an artist! Thanks again."

- Cyndee


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